What a GREAT three day weekend I had! I’m very excited to announce that my newest game, Sightless Serene, is now available to play! I have NOT released it on Steam, or any other platform, at the moment, but feel free to check out my page dedicated to the game and maybe download it if you’d like! For now, it’s a Windows-only release, but I may release other versions if it gets requested. Please check out the page to read all about the game, or the section on my website. You can find out what the game is all about!

VERY Close to Release!

It’s November, so I hope everyone is ready to celebrate the holidays! I know I’m ready! One thing I’m really looking forward to is releasing my next game sometime before Thanksgiving! I really wanted to have it completed before Halloween, but I wasn’t able to. I am, however, extremely close to having the game complete. I only have a few sections left and it will be one-hundred percent ready to release! If you’re coming in late, this game will be 100% free and will be released on my, so please check it out! My next post will be a complete reveal of the game, what to expect, the background, story, characters, plot, etc etc. My next post will be very large (and excited) and will most likely include the actual release of the game, so stick around!

About Half Way There…..

Well, after about 7 hours of playtesting (on my save file at least!), I’m about halfway done. I can confidently say the first half of my next game is ready for release, but I’m still working on the second half. I feel like I may have done a little extra work on the second half while I was making it, so I’m hoping it doesn’t take me nearly as long to complete. I had to fix several bugs that irked me pretty badly in the first half, but I’m glad I was able to fix them all appropriately. With that said, I’m hopefully going to post a little more information about the game when I get just a bit closer to releasing it. I’ve done a bunch of balancing which should make the second half of the game much easier to playtest through, then I’ll have to add some more NPCs to the towns and it should be just about ready to release! With that said, I hope everyone is well as we head into the holiday season! I’ll be back soon (hopefully) with another update!

Readying for Release!

I’m shocked I can even make this post, but I’m finally gearing up to release this game after nearly a year and a half of developing it — granted, there were several week/month-long breaks, mostly 1-2 hours a day of working on it, but a total of 517 hours I’ve had RPGMMV open for — but I’m getting everything… “together.” Don’t get me wrong, I still need to add a lot of abilities, enemies on the map, music selection, spells, NPC’s, etc, but ALL of the map designing and 98% of the character dialog/story is done, which makes me absolutely thrilled. I’m now “playtesting” through the game where I’ll add enemies (95% of sprites are done), triple-check dialog, make sure all my events are correct, and just gradually build out the rest of the game, but what I consider to be the “hard part” is pretty much done! I still don’t feel “close enough” to release any other major details of the game, but I’m working diligently to get this done before the holiday season of 2019 is upon us. Once again, this game will be *FREE*. No pay to win. No DLC. No “feels unfinished.” No beta-testing. When I’m done, this game will be released and will be completely FREE. In all honesty, I just want people to play this game and tell me how it is. I want them to enjoy the story I’ve written, enjoy the gameplay, enjoy the scenes, the music, the animations — everything. The best way to get feedback is to release it for free. My reward will be ANY feedback I can get. At the moment, my plan is to release it on (I will link to it), but maybe if I can round up $100, I’ll submit to Steam as well.

Anyways, with that said, I absolutely appreciate anyone who may find this post and read it! But just keep waiting a little while longer and I promise this game will be released and will hopefully meet any expectations you may have (especially if you played my last game, Aurora!). Thank you and have a great day!

Meet A New Hero…

… Or antihero.

This is Alister and he will be your new player-controlled character in my upcoming game. Unfortunately, I will not be releasing the name of the game quite yet as it will spoil some other things I don’t want to spoil quite yet, but this post is about Alister! He’s the antihero of our story, with quick wits, a troubled past, and he lets his weapon do all the talking. Alister was thrown into jail numerous years ago for plotting to go after a forbidden treasure the King himself said was too dangerous for anyone to go after. After spending nearly twenty years in jail, Alister awakens to a mysterious voice and learns the way out has been opened for him. Not wanting to question why or how, Alister makes a cunning escape from prison and comes across a young lady who will forever change his life. Just who is she? Just who was she? With a series of strange coincidences, new and old friends and a mystery that just doesn’t add up, our new bands of heroes decide to search for the fabled treasure that cost Alister his freedom all those years ago. Has anything changed in twenty years or will Alister end up in prison once more?

It’s Been a Few Month Already?

Wow… I did not realize I haven’t posted anything since February. I’ve had several distractions, but started back on my project this week. I’m really hoping I can get this project completed, without it feeling like it was “rushed towards the end.” I’m being very careful to take my time and do things right because I want people to like this game. I think it has a lot of really neat components, including a great storyline, a few unexpected twists and turns (nothing overly dramatic either) and I believe it’s going to have a dramatic (and maybe traumatic) ending as well. I’m hoping the story isn’t too transparent or too cryptic at the same time. I want people to have an idea of what’s going on, but not to be able to guess what’s coming next. It’s harder than it sounds.

With that said, I’m really aiming to have the game done “soon™” (lol). I’m thinking of posting some screenshots of the game so it’s a little more than just an urban legend, like bigfoot. At least if I show you a picture of bigfoot, you know he’s real! I know I don’t have a huge following (or any following to be honest), but if I ever need to reflect back on my timeline, I can do so pretty easily. And who knows, maybe someone finds this in the future? I’m going to try to post a little more on here to at least keep the two or three people who may check this in the loop.

The game’s coming though, I promise!

Next Released Game Will Be FREE

Yes! After some consideration, I decided that my next title will be released free on when it’s completed. Assuming I receive any donations, I do plan on releasing it on Steam, but I don’t have the $100 to dish out immediately for it. Besides, if it doesn’t receive good feedback, it probably wouldn’t be worth releasing on Steam anyway, so itch will be my “demo run” per se, but I think the game is coming along fine and will be plenty enjoyable. It is coming along, although a bit slower than I hoped. I find it pretty hard to stay motivated with basically finishing the game. I believe anyone will say the hardest part of any project is actually completing it though, so we’ll see. I’m trying to stay motivated enough to finish the game and look forward to releasing it around April, I hope. And again, it will be released on my first, so keep an eye out there as well! I will hopefully be releasing some details on the game soon™, which will be posted here! I want to release some details within the next couple weeks if I can stick to my plans, so check back soon! I hope everyone is doing well out there and finding games they enjoy as I look forward to adding to that collection!

Aurora NOW on SALE on ITCH.IO

Seasons greetings everyone! Just a quick note that Aurora is now on sale on for $0.39 — a whopping 80% off! Act quickly and accordingly, as I don’t plan to have it this heavily discounted for a long while. If you don’t want to purchase the game on itch, Aurora will also be on sale during the Steam Winter Sale, which is coming up VERY soon! With that said, I want to wish everyone a very merry holiday season and a happy (and SAFE!) New Year! I hope everyone gets to spend quality time with the ones they cherish most!

Still Kicking!

I know it’s been a while since my last post (a few months), but for the few who may be following me, I did want to send an update that I’m still chugging along with the two games that were mentioned in my previous post; although, they are taking a bit more time than I originally anticipated (or, I just haven’t spent as much time on them as I had hoped). They are progressing though! I’m making sure that things are “up to my standard” while I put the games together, as I don’t want to release games that seem incomplete or rushed. I put a lot of time, effort, and love into what I do, so I want it to reflect in my final products.

With that said, one of the projects is temporarily on hold as I focus more intently on the other. I was attempting to balance them and work on one when I got bored or frustrated with the other but I don’t think that’s going to be my best option. I still plan on releasing the two games I have in mind, but unfortunately, it won’t be before the new year unless I really grind them out in some free time, which I don’t plan on having with holidays around the corner. With that said, I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season! Keep checking back though because you never know when the release(s) could come!

New Game in Development!

I’ve decided to add a little news section so I can update the site every few days so it feels a little more active (and alive). This is just a little update to just say what I have been working in my spare time. In essence, I have not one, but two more RPG games that I have started work on and if all goes well, I want to have at least one of them released before the end of 2018 — but hopefully both of them! One game is being created with RPG Maker MV (as opposed to VX Ace, which Aurora was created with), but I do not want to release the engine of the other game quite yet. I am very excited to make this announcement but I will be keeping the details of the actual game/story to myself until I get a bit closer to the release dates. In addition, I am very excited to announce that one game will be released for absolutely free on, although it will be optional to send a donation if you want to — and by all means, if you enjoy my work, then that is an easy way for me to know! More details will come soon regarding one (or maybe both?) of the games!